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How truthful are you?

Ever read the children’s fairy tale of the ‘Emperor’s Clothes’? Once upon a time there lived an Emperor who was rich and famous and loved to dress well. One day two weavers told the ing that they could make him.   Read more…

Invited to Speak? How to Conquer Self

You are invited to speak, as you often (or not) are. Your rational self knows this is a big opportunity you cannot pass up, but as soon as you say yes your knees turn to running jelly.Read more…

Working Well with Men

It’s almost impossible to talk about gender issues without crashing into all the stereotypes about work-obsessed men, overly sensitive women, and the nasty label that gets attached to assertive women in the workplace.Read more…


Can I Speak in Public?

“And without further delay, I would like to introduce our next speaker…” I am being introduced to take the stand by the Master of Ceremony (MC) who embarks on reading out my short profile. Read more..

Leading Confidently

One of the greatest monsters that I wrestle with in my leadership is being confident in the calling and gifting God has for me. I battle the usual suspects of insecurity, fear and the obsessive need to compare myself to others. Read More…

How to Lead Dominating Male Leaders: Three things I’ve learned as I’ve led dominant men

It’s a good thing I didn’t know all of the challenges I would face when I first became a lead pastor. If I had, I may have done a “Jonah” and ran in the opposite direction. Read More…

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