Gakii Dominica is a vibrant risk and quality management practitioner in a professional services firm. She is passionate about her life purpose – developing young leaders and economically empowering women in Africa. She envisions an Africa with focused leaders and women strengthened to be the backbone of its development and growth.
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Brenda Guchu
Brenda Guchu is a fiery young activist zealous about writing, art, technology and women empowerment. She strongly believes in the visibility of women in taking up leadership roles and creation of platforms that grant women equal access to opportunities to excel. Brenda utilizes her spare time reading, and participating in conversations that challenge damaging stereotypes, both online and offline. She lives by the mantra, “to win the race, you have got to be in the race”
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Perpetua Njeri
Perpetua Njeri is a mentor with a story, a leader with passion and a woman of substance. She stands for the truth at all times and believes in God. Her ambition in life is to motivate and inspire young women. She believes in transforming the minds of the younger generation and creating a foundation that is strong for them. She writes for herself and for you!
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Nekesah Wafullah
Nekesah Wafullah is a skilled agriculture expert with extensive knowledge in various forms of fertilizer, their production, marketing and application regimes; horticulture business management; seed production and marketing aspects; youth and women empowerment and volunteerism. Adept at project planning and management as well as creating simple solutions to complex problems. She is passionate about young girls, mentors and shapes their career path.

Rina Hicks is an investment banker and in her experience, she has realised that many professionals struggle with managing their finances. In her view, the school curriculum teaches many things but ignores one of the most fundamental – financial literacy. Rina is on a mission to equip Africans with the basic tools and knowledge that will help them make sound financial decisions. She lives in Nairobi with her husband and two children.
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Truphie Kwaka Sumba is a passionate leader and believes that Africa has what it takes to grow to greater heights. This is possible with sustainable leadership. Where leaders do all it takes to transform their societies today without compromising tomorrow’s chances, plus they include the other half – women! Truphie is committed to people development and creating great organizations and societies where both men and women are at the core.
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Joan Andia is a Finance and Credit Specialist with over 10 years’ experience in increasingly responsible, management positions with a comprehensive knowledge and experience in the range of financial management, credit management, change management and customer service disciplines. Andia has a passion to equip leaders and young people alike with basic financial knowledge to assist in proper financial decision making in all spheres of life. In her part time she does class coaching for accounting students and offers training to professionals whenever called upon.
Beatrice Kirubi is passionate about Women in Leadership. She believes that achieving an equal female leadership voice is vitally important to serving clients, community and to the growth of the company. As a senior manager in one of the leading multinationals in manufacturing sector, she leads the efforts in retaining, motivating and developing women across the various sites in her company. She loves helping women make their current roles fit their unique needs – whether is transferring to a different geography, focusing on an industry or utilizing work opportunities to truly shape the career that is right for them with the flexibility to change it as their needs evolve over time.
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Grace is a leader who believes in amplifying people’s abilities in developing leadership competencies. She believes that leadership is a particular way of approaching life, one that is an irrepressible outcome of being committed to a lifelong process of fulfilling human potential; not only for oneself but also for others. She is versatile, promotes excellence, embraces diversity and has a high level of emotional and cultural intelligence. As a trainer in leadership, Grace is devoted to mentoring the youth, and empowering women with leadership proficiencies as well as instilling a high sense of self efficacy in them. Her life purpose is to bring out the best in others.
Joanne Kamau is called to transform lives through the Word. She is persuaded that a life of significance stems from locating and fulfilling one’s God-given purpose. She is very passionate about mentorship and helping people maximize their inherent potential. She believes every woman must find her voice and tell her own story in such a compelling way that positive impact is inevitable. JoAnne is a mother of two residing in Thika, Kenya where she co-pastors with her husband
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